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Learn more about kid author McKenzie Morgan's new book Kenzie's Sweet Treats and how she feels about writing her first book.

KENZIE'S SWEET TREATS INTERVIEW with Kid Author - McKenzie Morgan
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"Kenzie's Sweet Treat's will surely be a hit among parents and kids. 

I love the entrepreneurial and goal-setting concept of the book.  I think Kenzie's Sweet Treats will inspire children of today to set goals and push to accomplish them!"

Javonda Harrison,

Entrepreneur, Career Coach, Mom

"Kenzie’s Sweet Treats is wonderfully written in a child’s voice. I can “hear” the author telling her story as I read the book. The cadence and rhythm of each page can be easily read, understood, and visualized by young readers. 

I love the sentiments of children dreaming to do big, yet realistic, things, as well as the values of inclusion, kindness and working together as a team.


The last page, with the reflection question for the reader is a great way to get the reader involved in the story. Not only is it a way to inspire others, but it is also a great teaching tool for teachers for a response to reading, whether it be oral or written."

Mary Romanowski 

Teacher, Early Learning Advocate,

Arts Integration Ambassador, Mom

I loved the book!


I like the vision she has as a young girl, and the representation of Black people throughout the book. When I read it, it was elevated enough for a child to learn different words and concepts.


At the same time, it was colorful enough to capture and maintain the attention of a young audience.


The illustrations are so cute! And, it allows other children to think of entrepreneurship in terms they can understand from things being "super fun" and allowing people from all over the world to come. 

Bree Brown

Author, Motivational Speaker, Mom